ATTENTION:  Students, Parents, and Teachers
Adolescents need 9 hours of sleep each night.
However, 91% of American high school students are chronically sleep-deprived.

Even half an hour of sleep deprivation can cause:

  • Decreased performance & alertness
  • Impaired memory and processing speed
  • Lower levels of motivation/satisfaction

Leading to:

  • Increased risk of driving accidents
  • Obesity
  • Increased use of stimulants
  • Depression

For more information on adolescent sleep deprivation and possible solutions, click here for more information

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Thursday, February 11th:  PTSA General Meeting

​Tristen Vance will be discussing teenage stress and anxiety at the WHS PTSA general meeting February 11th @ 9am in the teacher's lounge. Don't miss it!

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PTSA Board Slate for 2016-2017

The following wonderful parents have volunteered to serve on the next board.  Voting will be at the April General Assembly Meeting.

President:   Karen Sylvester
Executive Vice President:  Denise Reader

Recording Secretary:  Christina Madigan

Treasurer:  Miki Suzuki
Auditor:  Robin Platt-Fox

1st VP Programs: Deanne Chen

2nd VP Ways and Means: Vaishali Bhargava
3rd VP Volunteers: Cristi Harris
4th VP Student Members: Claire Fratello
5th VP Communications: Tracie Oken
6th VP Membership: Vicki Eckhart
Corresponding Secretary: Danielle Shahidi
Financial Secretary: Sherry Lippel
Historian:  Lori Huemme